Parish center Divina Provvidenza

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Executive project
Structure design
Plant design


Leopoli/L’Viv – Ucraina


The new monastery, the Parish Centre of the Divine Providence, is the first project designed by the famous architect Mario Botta in the area developing in L’viv, one of the main cultural centre in Ukraine.
The building is located near a newly built church and has the function of host the priests of the Parish, the novices, a group of disabled people and foreign guests.

The exterior facades are characterized by exposed red bricks coating with outdoor flooring and skirting in black basalt.
The porch, with lots of windows and also covered by bricks, distributed outside the main entrances, ends on the east side with a high bell tower (blade vertical mullion type) and then will continue to the west to link up the monastery to the future construction of the church.

The bricks facade cladding hides an insulated and ventilated facade supported by a reinforced concrete structure.

The foundation consists of a continuous groundwork resting on piles made necessary because of the inconsistency of the underlying soil, the interior partition are plaster white painted and they are interrupted by white maple hand-crafted flush doors, the linings of all the main rooms are made of classic travertine marble while for the local service are made of stoneware.

Development of the Big brands project Parish center Divina Provvidenza by CED Ingegneria-2

Period: 2012 – 2013

Characteristics of the intervention:
Project area: 3.778 sqm
Covered area: 1.072 sqm
Gross floor area: 1.632 sqm
Volume: 6.112 cum

Architectural design:
Arch. Mario Botta

Amount of works:
1.699.385,69 Euro