Brembo S.p.A.

Italian company world leader in design, development and production of disc braking systems.

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Our history with Brembo

1989 was the year of our first opportunity to collaborate for Brembo company with a project of the structures of Building A in Curno. The directional building was built to accommodate the presidency, administrative functions, technological design. To complete the building, the bases of the first dynamic benches acquired by Brembo for disc tests were designed.

In the mid-90s Brembo acquired an already existing foundry, FOMM in Mapello, and organized itself for a complete renovation with an efficient and performing production cycle, using some existing spaces and building new ones.

CED INGEGNERIA has been called, thanks to the experience already acquired in the foundry field with the company Ezio Rossi and the Fonderie di Torbole, to collaborate for the structural project in support to Eng. Macquat who coordinated the technology project.

The intervention was particularly complex to let the old buildings of the 30s coexist with the technological needs of the foundry (raw material pits, cupola basement, underground tunnels for the land plant, drum and shot blasting machine basements). A relationship of trust was created between Mr. Ghitti, Mr. Meroni of Brembo and CED INGEGNERIA. Since then the collaboration has been strengthened, going in parallel with the growth of Brembo.

A few years later a challenge was faced: the design an abroad plant, in Poland, planning a project in the 2000s that was be realized in twenty years with the construction of 3 foundries, electrical substation, processing centers, warehouses and utilities. We interfaced with a local studio to have support for administrative procedures and Polish rules and customs so in 18 years the initial master plan was completed.

The success of the Poland projects has strengthened the collaboration that it was extended to China, India, Brazil, Mexico and the United States.


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